Diagnosing Your Pain

Diagnosing pain is critical to the management and successful resolution of pain, particularly chronic pain. 

We recommend you to seek a professional diagnosis typically from your primary care doctor physician as a first step in your journey to overcoming pain.  Based on the information you tell your doctor about your pain, he or she will diagnose your pain and then recommend  an appropriate treatment for you. 

Make sure you tell your doctor 1) where the pain is, 2) how bad it is and 3) how often your pain occurs.  You should feel free to add additional information in terms of any activity or movements that can make your pain feel better or worse.

Below are some links to online guides which can help you conduct an initial diagnosis of your pain.  Again, we recommend that you start with your doctor or primary care physician.  He or she will provide an initial diagnosis, provide initial treatment, and then recommend other care givers like chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, accupuncture, surgeons, and nurses.

Helpful links for diagnosing your pain online:

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